Speak with our insect removal specialists in Hyattsville, Bethesda, MD & Washington, DC

Finding pests of any kind in your home bites, but dealing with stinging bugs can be a real pain. If you need fast, affordable pest control services in Hyattsville, Bethesda, MD & Washington, DC's, talk to the pros at District Elite Pest Management today. Our experienced exterminator knows how to get rid of biting and stinging insects fast.

How do we do it? When you sign up for insect removal services, we'll:

  • Inspect your property to identify the type of bug and source of the problem
  • Create a custom treatment plan to provide the best results possible
  • Use powerful sprays that are tough on bugs but safe to use in and around your house

There is no pest problem too big for our insect control crew to eliminate. Contact us today for more details about our process.

Types of bugs we treat for

Many biting and stinging pests call the Hyattsville, MD & Washington, DC area home, but that doesn't mean you have to let them hang out at your house. That's where District Elite Pest Management comes in. Our pest removal technicians can protect your property from:

Biting pests:

  • Bedbugs
  • Fleas
  • Ticks


Stinging pests:



  • Hornets
  • Yellowjackets
  • Paper wasps


You'll be impressed by our incredible customer service and our guaranteed results. You'll love our affordable pricing, too.

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