Count on us for efficient wildlife removal in Hyattsville, Bethesda, MD & Washington, DC

Most people love to see a little wildlife around their homes. Watching a bird land on your birdfeeder or seeing a squirrel perform its high-wire act can help you relax as you gaze outside. However, when those birds start nesting in your home and the squirrels start destroying your container garden, you need help from a wildlife removal company.

District Elite Pest Management is a wildlife control company operating in Hyattsville, Bethesda, MD & Washington, DC. Call 202-765-3171 right away to speak with a wildlife removal expert.

Enjoy the outdoors again, thanks to our wildlife removal service

Work with a wildlife control company that's seen and handled it all. The types of wildlife we deal with include...

  • Squirrels
  • Raccoons
  • Opossums
  • Birds
  • Groundhogs
  • Bats
If these or any other critters are making themselves a nuisance in or around your Hyattsville, MD or Washington, DC home or business, schedule a wildlife removal appointment today.