Get rid of rats and mice with a rodent control service in Hyattsville, Bethesda, MD & Washington, DC

They might look cute and cuddly in the pet store, but when mice and rats invade your home or workplace, they look a lot more germy and terrifying. District Elite Pest Management offers rodent control in Hyattsville, Bethesda, MD & Washington, DC and the surrounding area. Call 202-765-3171 now for safe rodent removal and exclusion services.

Rats aren't the only rodents that can disrupt your household. District Elite Pest Management also offers mouse control and mouse removal services. Contact us today to set up an appointment.

Rodents could put your family in danger

Unless competition for food is fierce, most mice and rats won't harm humans directly. So while you probably don't need to worry about them biting or scratching you while you sleep, they can harm you and your family by...

  • Contaminating food: Mice and rats can chew through all types of food storage containers to get at the free meal inside.
  • Spreading pathogens: Rodents spread harmful bacteria through their feces, which they'll leave throughout your home.
  • Triggering allergies: Many mice trigger allergic reactions in people exposed to their feces.
Rodents also carry fleas, which can spread bloodborne diseases to people. With rat control and rat removal from District Elite Pest Management, you can take care of the problem quickly and efficiently.

Prevent these and many other health hazards by setting up a rodent removal appointment in the Hyattsville, MD & Washington, DC area. We'll send a rodent control expert to your home to assess the situation and eliminate the threat.